IASSON sets the very highest standards for ethical business practise. Both our team and our members must comply with IASSON’s Code of Ethics at all times and are obliged to participate and promote in all ways the reputation of the group.

More specific both our team and our members must comply with the following:

Confidentiality, Integrity

We operate in an environment of mutual trust and any fraudulent or dishonest behaviour by our stuff within our group will not be tolerated. Our passion for delivering superior quality service to our members requires loyalty to them and confidentiality is one of the most important key elements.  We guarantee that all information provided to us is treated as confidential and we comply with all laws regulating personal data handling.

Group Autonomy

IASSON is a group that respects the culture, rights, and autonomy of the group. We do not impose anything that risks the welfare and dignity of the members, the freedom of choice of the group, or the credibility of its work. All members must  promote communication climates of caring and mutual understanding that respect the unique needs and characteristics of other members

Respect, Safety, Equity, and Trust

All members and our team must treat each other with respect, fairly and honesty. No member may offer or receive any money or gift which can be construed as a bribe or influence or provide payment facilitations in order to obtain or retain business.

Environmental Conscience

IASSON is committed to doing business in a way that’s as environmentally friendly as possible.

Fair Competition, Conflict of Interests

IASSON members are obliged to behave and do their business fairly and cannot make agreements between them or with non members – competitor that may cause conflict of interests or prevent healthy competition. No disclosure of prices, rates or other essential information is allowed.


Members and our team must report any breach of the above mentioned Code. Then our team will investigate and proceed to all necessary measures to restore any problematic situations.