Payment Protection System

IASSON has established a Payment Protection System (PPS) with the objective of protecting the financial status of the association from insolvent members.

Our spirit focuses on promoting and reassuring that every member profits and prospers in harmony with the association and that payments are done promptly.

PPS is mandatory for all members and the annual fee is 500,00€.

We are the only one that provide 100% recovery.


In order to be eligible for recovery a member must proceed with the followings:

  1. Claimant member must apply for recovery within a time bar of 2 months after credit expiration of the invoice.
  2. Provide full correspondence between the two members, copy of the original invoice, and at least three prior efforts for collection must be submitted with the application form.
  3. The invoice must mention the due date and payment terms. If the invoice does not mention the above, the claim cannot be satisfied by PPS.
  4. IASSON will step up for you and will ask from the other party to pay within a time bar of 30 days
  5. If debtor party does not proceed with payment of unpaid invoices within 90 days from IASSON’s intervention, it will be terminated.
  6. We will then proceed with the compensation of the unpaid invoice within 6 months.


We recommend to all members to proceed with invoicing within 30 days of the service provided,  to settle their invoices promptly and set a credit limitation.

We also advice not to start new business before having been paid previous invoices. In addition, all members should keep records and clear correspondence between them.