Quality Control

IASSON is a network with high standards that recruits its members after careful and scrupulous evaluations.

Our network differs in that it provides to its members the benefit of enjoying full flexibility and familiarity . Ships spares transport is a job for the very few and knowledgeable expert operators. High standards must at all times be guaranteed and that is why we have the quality control service.

Quality Control Monitoring is a very simple procedure with a great meaning. Twice a year all members are called to fill in a short questionnaire for the quality of their transactions, evaluating their counterparties. We then collect the information, elaborate the results and decide which members must be terminated. The whole procedure is based on the RADAR Logic according to the EFQM standards (committed to excellence 2 stars).

Members that for two years in the row show negative output will be under strict monitoring and if they wish IASSON can visit them to provide consulting.

If no improvement is proven member may be terminated from the Alliance.